About Us

GeoCurrent uses value-based technology to reduce costs, make field work more efficient, and to ensure regulatory compliance. Our growing suite of software solutions helps utilities and pipeline operators boost efficiencies through better data collection and management.

A Legacy of Service

In 2019, we branded GeoCurrent as the software division of Magnolia River, a trusted go-to provider of engineering, inspection and GIS services for utility infrastructure and operations. Today, the 19-year old company has more than 400 employees in 20 states servicing hundreds of clients.

Customer-centric Software Development

Since the earliest days of software development at Magnolia River, we’ve built our products with end users in mind. Today at GeoCurrent, we brainstorm with and solicit input from operators and those on the front line to create two-way communications in the software development lifecycle.

Data-driven Design

Our products are designed to fully meet the needs of operators, address their biggest pain points, and deliver actionable data that improves their performance and makes their jobs easier. These data-driven solutions offer a flow of real-time information from the field to the executive level.

Built with the Future in Mind

Because regulations are constantly changing in both scope and number, we’re designing software that is ready for the next round of mandates, looking beyond what is required today. Our flexible and dynamic products can keep pace with regulatory changes and not require new software implementations every year.

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