GeoCurrent to Expand Magnolia River Software Products

By Hayden Strickland

Magnolia River has a strong reputation as a trusted go-to provider of engineering, inspection and GIS services for utility infrastructure and operations, with more than 400 employees working in over 20 states to service hundreds of clients.

Over the years we’ve developed several software solutions to help our clients, and what we previously only offered as a package are now available as standalone tools. In January 2019, we formally branded GeoCurrent as “The Technology Division of Magnolia River”. This branding effort, combined with a greater internal focus, will allow us to be more responsive in exploring new markets, adding needed resources and growing the client base while retaining the superior customer service, reputation, and industry experience that are so synonymous with Magnolia River.

Data-Driven Solutions for Utility and Pipeline Operators

GeoCurrent uses value-based technology to reduce costs, make fieldwork more efficient, and ensure regulatory compliance. Collaboration with leading industry thought leaders and premier software developers enables GeoCurrent to design tools that reflect the needs of operators while adhering to agile and lean SaaS methodologies.

Our software products were conceived and designed to help utilities and pipeline operators boost efficiencies through better data collection and management. When we started developing our solutions in 2010, operators were limited by the need to utilize manual processes and non-dynamic tools. Magnolia River’s GIS division worked with client’s spatial data to create tailored GIS systems, giving decision makers visual interpretations of analyzed data, enabling them to ensure compliance, reduce risk and make better operational decisions.

After two years of development, we officially launched Import, a solution that enabled users to configure different data sources and use the GIS as a one-stop repository.

As Import became a popular tool for Magnolia River’s clients, our next goal was to help clients more efficiently comply with DOT’s 49 CFR Part 192. Our next software product, atRisk is a spatial analysis and data management tool to help utilities manage risk and assist in the planning of infrastructure updates.

We then developed our most popular products, FlowGIS 365 (now FlowGIS) and FlowGIS PM (now FieldLogIQ), which enabled utilities to streamline workflows, track asset operation, maintain compliance and gather project data in real time.

Built from the ground up with end users in mind

Since the earliest days of development at Magnolia River, we’ve built our products with end users in mind. We brainstorm with operators and solicit feedback from their front-line personnel to create two-way communications in the software development lifecycle. We want our products to meet the needs of operators, address their biggest challenges, and deliver actionable data that improves their performance and makes their jobs easier while enhancing the level of service provided to customers.

Because regulations are constantly changing and growing, we’re also designing software that is ready for the next round of regulations, not just what’s required today. GeoCurrent’s flexible and dynamic products can keep pace with regulatory changes and won’t require new software implementations every year.

To further enhance the future value of our software and its applications in the field, we’ve also built in mobile functionality. As utilities break from their traditional workflows and make greater use of technology, they’re already discovering that field-based tablets and smartphones can offer a new level of efficiency in data collection and reporting.  

A New Identity for a Bright Future in Software Development

At GeoCurrent, we are continually implementing integrations into other systems for customer billing, work management, and data services to leverage GIS into many utility applications beyond compliance. Our goal is to continue building configurable software that can move beyond single-purpose applications.

In addition to FlowGIS, we’ve also developed FieldLogIQ, a scalable solution that enables construction site supervisors and inspectors to enter data in real time and provide customers with real-time project status. EngineerAssist offers a modular set of tools for the design and building of utilities, and GasScan helps utilities capture and maintain control of asset inventories.

Our products are moving out onto their own because they are built and invested-in for the long haul with industry value that allows our clients to access technology that meets their specific needs. We’re continually adding to our skill set with highly-experienced system architects and have hired 20 roles in the past few years to support these products. Join us as we guide the utility industry into the future. Click here to see open career opportunities and click here to demo our cutting-edge products.