Our flagship product, FlowGIS, is an innovative GIS-centric software solution for utilities, municipalities and other organizations.

It established a new Industry standard for utility operations when it was introduced eight years ago. Since then, we’ve built more power, intelligence and flexibility into the product. The design supports configurable workflows, streamlines maintenance operations, and enables data-driven decision making.

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Desktop application with complementary iOS/Android app

FlowGIS offers visibility from the field to the C-suite through a suite of desktop and mobile applications that expedite the assignment, dispatch and tracking of activity by job location

Data visualization and in-depth reports

FlowGIS aggregates and organizes data in visual tools and customizable in-depth reports for all stakeholders

Comprehensive asset lifecycle management tools

FlowGIS enables stakeholders to access asset history and real-time information defining condition and performance

Sophisticated spatial analysis tools

FlowGIS enables the translation of location data into a GIS format in order to geographically map assets

Key Benefits

Since 2010, FlowGIS has enabled many utilities, municipalities and other organizations to boost asset performance, enhance safety, improve regulatory compliance and reduce operational costs. As a result, utility professionals can:

Make informed decisions and efficiently manage their field workforce

Enhance compliance with continuously changing federal and state regulations and industry standards

Increase asset reliability and reduce maintenance costs by prioritizing pro-active and condition-based maintenance work

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