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Atmospheric Corrosion

In any given community, there are thousands of gas meter setting installations that require inspection every three years in order to identify instances of atmospheric corrosion in accordance with DOT requirements. The volume, record keeping requirements and labor-intensive nature of these inspections create both manpower and budgeting challenges for natural gas utilities. At GeoCurrent, we have developed purpose-built software tools to not only address the challenges associated with gas meters inspection, and to make the process more efficient and less-costly.

While competitive SaaS tools continue to push very large and complex solutions that most companies do not need, GeoCurrent remains solely focused on building digital tools that propel our customers to measurably improve how they do their jobs.


Inefficient, redundant and inaccurate records from patrolling activity due in part to the inability to update directly from the field

Lack of a GIS component in the record production process and patrolling activity tracking in a real-time environment

Internal resources required to manage compliance activities and records with respect to DOT  191, 192 and 195


FlowGIS’s desktop portal allows managers to: translate location data into GIS format in order to geographically map meters, automate work order or task creation to perform the patrolling and inspection activity, and view the current status of work scheduled to be performed


The FlowGIS mobile application allows field technicians to: capture the required data in the field and record the inspection results in real time, send and save reports to management as work has been completed, and be notified in the field about any emergency maintenance task that needs to be scheduled and completed as a result of an inspection

Our Solutions

GeoCurrent’s flagship product, FlowGIS, makes inspection of gas meters for atmospheric corrosion more efficient both In terms of reduced labor costs and in the quality of data collection. FlowGIS is a GIS-centric software solution designed to expedite the assignment, dispatch and tracking of atmospheric corrosion mitigation activity by job location through mobile workforce enablement.


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