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Today more than ever, risk identification and mitigation planning are essential prior to initiating any time-consuming and costly capital improvement projects.

Robust. Flexible. Scalable.

atRisk, GeoCurrent’s spatial risk analysis and data management tool, helps manage risk and assist in the planning of infrastructure replacements and enhancements. It is a modern approach to today’s complex regulatory and construction environments.


Utilizes crucial GIS data and system information to create a spatial-based risk assessment

A powerful risk analysis application

Ability to create user-defined weighted criteria for key variables in a utility’s integrity management plan

Measure risk with user-defined criteria

Easy integration with the GIS to allow for comparative analysis and timely updated risk assessments with newly incorporated system information

Integration with GIS

Produces a more detailed GIS-driven analysis that supports actions in an integrity management program in addition to capital planning initiatives


Provides visibility and transparency into pipeline risk and planning


Proactively identifies the riskiest pipelines and predicts the likelihood of failure before such an event occurs


Key Benefits


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