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FieldLogIQ is a cloud-based enterprise software solution that offers construction site supervisors and inspectors the ability to enter project updates in real time.

Robust. Flexible. Scalable.

FieldLogIQ enables you to grant both internal and external stakeholders permission to monitor project status while also providing access to reports and project documentation. Project management and documentation tracking has never been more intelligent or accessible.


Can be accessed anywhere at any time on a desktop or mobile device through the complementary iOS/Android application.

A cloud-based application with mobile accessibility

Offers a centralized dashboard to view documentation and create customized reports for internal and external stakeholders

Centralized reporting and project documentation dashboard

Offers documentation tools for tracking pipeline construction tasks such as pressure testing, asset tracking and inspection logging

Sophisticated documentation tools

Easily create and share customizable reports with internal and external stakeholders

Project report generation and distribution

Creates geospatial representation of project progress based on Esri technology

Geospatial capabilities

Offers user role-based access to information and role-based event notifications

Access and notifications

Key role in maintaining regulatory compliance and increasing communication throughout the organization


Preserve the integrity of data and information collected during the pipeline construction process


Track vital asset information throughout the life of the project


Receive an unprecedented level of visibility and control over field operations


Key Benefits


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Download the FieldLogIQ app

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