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Leak Survey

Pipeline operators must proactively detect leaks before natural resources are wasted or physical and environmental damage occurs. Currently, the leak analysis process involves multiple steps, people and organizations. These complex and time-consuming responsibilities include pipeline structural analysis and evaluation; leak survey investigation and reporting; as well as paperwork processing and labor management. At GeoCurrent, we have purpose-built software tools to not only address the challenges associated with leak analysis, but to also make the process more efficient and less-costly.

While competitive SaaS tools continue to push very large and complex solutions that most companies do not need, GeoCurrent remains solely focused on building digital tools that propel our customers to measurably improve how they do their jobs.


Inefficient, redundant and inaccurate records regarding leak investigations, survey activity and repairs due in part to the inability to update from the field

Lack of visibility into pipeline evaluation, pressure rating procedures and investigative activity related to leakage in a real-time environment

Need for accurate data weighted by appropriate criteria in regard to specific at-risk pipeline segments for use in prioritizing infrastructure maintenance activities

Need to manage compliance activities and records in respect to DOT 191, 192 and 195

GIS-centric software solution designed to expedite the identification, assignment, dispatching and tracking of activities related to specific job locations. Ultimately, FlowGIS expedites response to identified pipeline risks, including leakage and non-compliance situations.

A risk analyzer tool that proactively identifies at-risk pipelines based on relevant criteria, and predicts the likelihood of structural failures before such an event occurs, providing unprecedented visibility and the establishment of maintenance priorities.

When used together, two of GeoCurrent’s solutions – FlowGIS and atRisk – address and assist in the mitigation of many of the challenges typically associated with leak detection. These tools help inspectors assign and track survey activities, update leak survey results in real time, generate accurate pipeline infrastructure records in real time, generate accurate pipeline infrastructure records, and identify the highest risk pipelines.

Our Solutions


Request a demo of GeoCurrent’s suite of software tools, which are designed to modernize the leak survey process.

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