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EngineerAssist is a web-based suite of applications containing a modular set of tools for the design and construction of utility infrastructure.

Industry's Most Sophisticated Calculator

EngineerAssist’s most popular module is a regulator sizing tool that puts the industry’s most sophisticated calculator in your hands, empowering you to transform time-consuming calculations into quick routine processes. The reduces design costs, enhances system operation and improves product delivery.


Easily performs calculations to size most popular Mooney and Fisher regulators

Regulator sizing

Saves sizing sessions and tracks changes using automatic session versioning

Up-to-date, accurate sizing data

Contains standard pipe sizing data, lookups for compressibility, and the ability to configure header drawing PDFs


Provides users-level access and user-based activity tracking

Shareable Data

Allows the archiving and sharing of sizing calculation templates


Serves as a knowledge transfer mechanism for senior engineers


Standardizes the regulator sizing calculation and sizing process


Key Benefits


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